but only as a hobbyist.

There are a lot of creative pursuits, I have a few. Experience in these endeavors cultivate knowledge and wisdom. The point is to keep being curious.


Traveling around London, there are so many things to do and see. Capturing some of the more experiential frames always gives me better memories as to what I saw, did or otherwise. I am definitely not a fan of the food, but the streets are littered with interesting views.

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In an office, leased by a company, populated by employees, divided by departments and ruled by its dictators, we sit here amazed at how it has gotten this far. Fallen into the position of hopelessness and uncertainty, we have been placed under the gun. If it were only the work that we were worried about then the solution would be simple. Unfortunately the task at hand was not about the work any longer, but we were placed in a position of politics.

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