The Year 2000

Yes, my senior picture, graduating class of the new milenium. Ready for art school with a naive passion for design cultivated by an annoyingly charismatic high school art teacher.

the delusional undergrad

Art school was pure bliss, hand-drawing typography, conceptualizing advertising campaigns with the complex strokes of a Windsor & Newton marker, and throwing around opinionated nonsense about composition, color and the history of graphic design. The color depicting my breadth of knowledge at that time, green, representing my blatant inexperience.

2001-2005, Peter Montoya, Inc. (Agency)

My first graphic design job.

I was sick the first day, I didn’t tell anyone and I was sweating profusely. But I couldn’t not show up. Talk about imposter syndrome while trying to take in all of what I was supposed to be learning on that first day. Over time, the work ethic that was (shoved down my throat) started to materialize. As my focus narrowed, I could now relate to Liam Neeson in Taken, ”I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.”

skills aquired

This is where I cut my teeth as a designer, designing small brand systems and larger collateral, and layouts for the financial industry. I also acquired knowledge on how to properly setup artwork and printing processes. I learned how to take creative direction from an art director and how to properly read creative briefs, submit and present designs for client review.

2005-2009, Untitled Idea (Agency)

Graphic Designer

Untitled Idea opened my eyes to the entertainment industry and really developed my skills utilizing key art for several movie and show titles across a few large brands like Disney, FOX, and Miramax. It is also where I was introduced to user experience and web design (Extreme Makeover Home Edition interactive homes). I had the pleasure of working directly with their Emmy award winning producer which educated me in handling clients on a large scale, by presentations, collaborate creative conversations. It helped shape my love for visual storytelling.

creative collaboration

I had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed writers and marketers employed by major entertainment companies.

strategic thinking

Utilized marketing strategies and creative writing to produce collateral that communicates to a specific demographic.

user experience

Started to understand user experience with Extreme Makeover Home Edition and how interactive experiences help users make buying decisions. I had little training of interactive media, this became an invaluable learning experience.

2006-2015, Arbonne (Corporate)

Sr. Graphic Designer

Why didn’t I stay in agency work? The known stiflers of creativity, money and stability. Like most, I had a family to provide for and although the agency work was exciting, it wasn’t stable at the time and although the work was “cool,” the future was unknown.

At the time, Arbonne was just a Swiss Skincare brand, just getting in to the cosmetics space. I was hired as the Senior Graphic Designer within a large Creative Department that was basically an in-house agency with one client. Through my education and agency experience, I was very proficient and known for my meticulous use of grids within design, golden ratios etc… (Donald Duck). I helped develop their brand guide and product catalog, including art direction on photo and video shoots.

Swiss Design

Opened my eyes to the wonderful simplicity of Swiss-based design and typography.


I learned a ton about brand consistency, tonality of a brand and how to art direct across various mediums.

Art Direction

Directing brand and design concepts through large scale photo and video productions.

User Experience

Working with a huge e-commerce department as the design lead for front-end and back-end systems.

2010-2014, Arbonne

Notable efforts.

Art Direction 
2010 TELLY AWARD (Silver) Arbonne Cosmetics
360e Productions/M2G Media

Art Direction 
2010 TELLY AWARD (Bronze) Arbonne RE9 Advanced
360e Productions/M2G Media

2001-Present, R.F. Bellerose

Visual Storytelling

For over 20 years I have been telling visual stories for a vast array of people, companies and governments. The list is huge, and keeps growing today.


John Hancock
American Express
Charles Schwaab


Arbonne Intl.
Urban Decay
Pacific World Corp.


Walt Disney Pictures
20th Century Fox
Miramax Films
Extreme Makeover Home Edition


Maree Farms
United Defense Tactical
Ventris Medical

Government & nonprofit

Country of Ghana
Open Water
Binary Defense

consumer products

Shake Addict
Hoopoe Oil
Collidion (Spectrum)
Seaworth Coffee
Fat Bob’s
George Surfboards
Stone & Clay
Thunderking Brewing Co.