Don’t outsource design, cultivate a relationship with a visual storyteller.


Why should you care? Here’s an example.

One of my clients spent thousands working with different agencies that had virtual business models. The client never talked to the creatives that actually did the work, leaving no connection, no discovery, and no relationship.

For this client, I didn’t need to give them another set of logos or color variations. I took their existing brand, adjusted design accordingly and solidified their positioning, which enhanced the overall brand story. I was able to tie a creative thread through their product offering and marketing, utilizing their updated tonality and identity.

I am a visual problem solver and have been trained comprehensively in all areas of design, typography and color. I have a knowledge and understanding of how people will interact with and perceive your business.

I can help you. I can facilitate the creative process of telling your story and building your brand identity.

Because, sometimes what you need is not always what you think.

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