dear clients

Originality is dead.

Influencers have molested your mind and tech companies have made passable design accessible to your mom. Welcome to the war, where the only casualty is creativity for people who need it the most. Fortunately for me, nobody cares to read anything long enough to form an opinion one way or another. Unfortunately for you, TikTok and Instagram won’t give you an eye for composition, Canva can’t bless you with an aesthetic comprehension to make design compelling to anyone worth attracting, and your videos that lead with “Ok guys…” absolutely do not make you an engaging storyteller. You may even build collateral with one of the mind boggling Microsoft products, and if you do…own that S#!% (Apologies for the grawlix.) because at least you’re not trying.

Surrender your ideas and collaborate with a creative person to communicate your ideas. It’s not hard, although you may have to shut up occasionally.

to the educated designer

Create something you love, be critical, and die on the vine, it builds character.