In an office, leased by a company, populated by employees, divided by departments and ruled by its dictators, we sit here amazed at how it has gotten this far. Fallen into the position of hopelessness and uncertainty, we have been placed under the gun. If it were only the work that we were worried about then the solution would be simple. Unfortunately the task at hand was not about the work any longer, but we were placed in a position of politics. Hired with a specific job description in order to structure our status and responsibilities, now enters the familiar destroyer of productivity…people. Although the fault is not theirs as these people are no longer a beautiful creation of God, but the product of a machine that has redesigned their minds placing success and grandiosity in front of relationships and integrity. Our purpose has been lost and the answer is not what we think, we do not have to be passive or obedient but refocused, repositioned.

Imagine the gun was ours to hold, what form would it have in this corporate war. This sounds extreme yet in our minds we are constantly on the front lines defending attacks. Maybe we put down the gun, call it a test of our faith, that with no weapon there is no war. There is no gun, so we are under nothing. We can strip away all that we perceive to be negative like criticism, deadlines and structure then replace it with what is reality…feedback, milestones and organization. We are the creators of our own environment. When discontented with our professional lives, we fall into habits of working for people and not for the health of our company. Yes, it is our company because we play a specific role in the success of the whole and not the individual. We can specifically describe what we do as our primary purpose, understanding what we do it for and not for who. The task at hand is elementary and describing the solution becomes simple. We need not focus on the noise but rather embrace the silence in our minds, focusing only on our actions and not our intensions. Our work becomes louder as we accept feedback, listening to every word spoken we separate our personal opinions and feel open.

under the "gun," 2018 photo taken on a short trip to New York.